Making Sense of Event Marketing

Our goals are simple. We make sense of your event marketing needs and align it to your sales goals. At Farrago Events, we create the glue that connects your company to your customers and builds strong, productive internal teams.

Whether you are just starting to build your events calendar or need to grow and expand beyond where you’ve been, we help you focus on the objectives, build the methodology, execute the vision and integrate your team into a winning – and profitable – events strategy.

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We believe that events are an indispensable tool for showcasing your brand, making connections, and discovering new sales opportunities. And we demonstrate this by creating event programs that incorporate sales targets, marketing strategies and a whole company approach to objectives and execution.

We help you plan events that meet your goals. What can we help you create today?

Strategy & Marketing

  • Establish Goals & Target Audiences
  • Build a comprehensive event calendar:
    Webinars, Tradeshows & Conferences, Proprietary Events
  • Create brand-aligned event promotions & messaging
  • Connect to Sales Goals & Industry targets
  • Measure Success
  • Manage Budgets and Costs
  • Content Syndication

Event Planning

  • Support for Multiple Formats:
    Webinars, Virtual Conferences, Live & In Person, Hybrid & Live Streamed
  • Tradeshows & Conferences:
    Sessions | Expo Halls | Onsite Meetings
  • Customer, Partner & Prospect Events:
    Dinners, Meetings, Advisory Councils, User Groups & Conferences
  • Employee Focused:
    Sales Kickoffs, Leadership Summits, Team trainings, corporate social events & incentives

Vendor Management

  • Contract Negotiations
  • Vendor Selection & RFPs
  • Master Service Agreements
  • Integrate Partner Engagement programs

About Farrago Events

Farrago isn’t a name – it’s a concept. Farrago means “a hodgepodge… a confused mixture.” Your event calendar can feel like a random collection of partner events, trade shows and industry conferences that don’t drive corporate initiatives and strain your team and resources.

We take the hodgepodge and align it to your sales and marketing targets. We make recommendations on what events have the greatest potential to get you closer to your target audience and we design processes, develop plans and execute on the tasks that integrate events into your corporate portfolio so they not only make sense – they make an impact. 

Farrago Events is a woman-owned company with 30 years of events and marketing experience. We specialize in helping companies build their events programs from the ground that are scalable, repeatable and profitable.

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